Life after Kickstart?

Did you participate in Kickstart competition and now have a flame within you to continue developing your business idea? Good, because co-operation doesn´t have to end here. You can continue working on your idea in Oulu’s startup ecosystem functions and events. For example, Business Kitchen offers programs for creating a new business.

Avanto Entrepreneurship Program

Program that transforms your competence into work and your ideas into businesses. The Avanto entrepreneurship program is always tailored to the needs of your business idea.  You can start anytime you wish and we’ll guarantee you’ll learn new and useful skills. Read more

Terwa Academy

In this business entrepreneurship education program, you will learn entrepreneurship practically and complete your Bachelor’s degree at the same time. When your goal is more than a degree, Terwa Academy is your choice. Read more


Examples of ecosystem events:

Startup Weekend

Over a 54-hour weekend event, you can validate your business idea, meet other business founders, and find your entrepreneurship community. Spend a memorable Startup Weekend! Read more

Venturing Research Challenge (VRC)

Researchers in many fields are looking for students and entrepreneurs to commercialize their research. VRC offers them a path to commercialization by combining researchers and entrepreneurial people. The event lasts five days, and during that time business ideas on research topics and results are weighed up. Read more

Polar Bear Pitching

Oulu’s most famous pitching competition has no time limit. Entrepreneurs have to pitch in an ice-cold water in the ice hole, and the best ideas will thrive. Read more

Examples of start-up community actors:


Oulu Entrepreneurship Society brings together active students who are interested in entrepreneurship. The aim of the association is to create an enthusiastic atmosphere, help students and bring entrepreneurial people together to acquire new skills and networks. Join now! 


Business Oulu

The city of Oulu Business Services will help you get started by sparring the most critical issues related to your business idea. BusinessOulu also implements coaching programs for people interested in entrepreneurship. Read more

Examples of comfortable working spaces:

Business Kitchen

Oulu universities' entrepreneurship hub - a community and co-working space to boost action and discover new opportunities in business and in life. Business Kitchen is located in both the Oamk Kotkantie campus (Kotkantie 1) and University of Oulu's Linnanmaa campus (Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1). Read more

Njetwork Inn

A guesthouse, an all-inclusive work space and a shared work area where the entrepreneurs enjoys being. You can focus on your business while Njetwork Inn takes care that you have everything you need around you and interesting company during your breaks. Read more

Kielo Growth

Business Incubator for garage startups who work hands on. Kielo Growth provides you the facilities and services so that you can concentrate on your expertise. Read more